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Why VLink

Whether it is our Corporate Travel, Car Rental or Hotel Travel solution there are three core philosophies that embody all our actions, to ensure:

With our smart, innovative, comprehensive and path breaking fleet management technology platform, pan-India presence, and focus on safety and process certifications, we are well positioned to cater to the increasing needs of businesses.

With a large and ever growing network of vehicles, VLink ensures consistent service delivery. Our technology platform will enable real time tracking of vehicles through the web portal and mobile app. Our point to point billing mechanism means that you pay only for the actual KM used as captured accurately by the GPS/ GPRS on the mobile app of the driver. All transactions are completely automated with no manual trip sheets and the driver & vehicle details available on the portal for quick and easy compliance check. Employees can use the In Case of Emergency (ICE) alert feature on their mobile app in case of emergency and get in touch with their guardians at a press of a button on their mobile app.

Key strengths of VLink
  • A commitment to bring in efficiency, transparency and safety in the business travel industry using technology frameworks. Read more about our innovative technology platform
  • Strong leadership that is forever looking to break the boundaries of what's possible, and bring in professionalism in what is otherwise construed as an unorganized sector
  • Large network on over 7,000 vehicles with presence in 28 cities and 9 business offices. This is expanding every day
  • ISO Certified Company. ISO 9001for Internal Process; ISO 14001 for Safety & Security, and also certified member of Nasscom and FICCI.
  • Backed by investors who have a commitment to this sector